Sunday, April 10, 2011

Wednesday, April 6th Movie stars!

Today Caring for the Heart asked if all the students would be willing to be filmed for a new promotional DVD - so of course we said yes.  Then Gary Damron asked Tony and ElizaBeth to be filmed
-exiting our car
-entering the building
-being greeted by Cindy
-waiting for our 'appointment'
-being counselled by John
-being viewed by interns
-having morning tea with our new friends from Phoenix, Chad and Kristin (HI GUYS!)
and I think that's all!
We certainly are getting more than we bargained for from this trip.

It was so fun!  We had to do the same things 3 or 4 times over while being filmed from different angles. We laughed so much!  Everyone else wondered what we were doing since they were still receiving training.

An unexpected result of all this, was that John asked us to be counseled in front of the group that afternoon!  We said yes, but I don't know why!!  We were very nervous - is that strong enough language?  But it went very well and was a wonderful blessing.  John was able to help us clear up one issue for ElizaBeth and help Tony be confident to care for her in that area.  Since then, E can't stop smiling and giggling.........

The children 'back at the ranch' or Ranger's Station were getting a little bored in the afternoons as they didn't have any outdoor equipment.  So Tony took them 'Christmas shopping' to Walmart at 9pm.  They came home with a soccer ball, croquet set, frisbee and BB gun - that's a small air rifle!!  When in Rome, you know.....  It seemed very strange to walk out of the store with a gun in the cart along with the groceries, no ID, no licence, no questions - and it only cost $24.

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  1. ha ha
    sounds good
    funny about the gun though
    very different here