Sunday, April 17, 2011

Saturday, April 9th A date for E and L

Lachy and I ventured out on our own to do the grocery shopping - Lachlan helping me stay on the correct side of the road!  We went to Barnes and Noble booksellers - like Borders but heaps bigger.  We found field guides of North American birds, mammals, trees and wildflowers all at ridiculously low prices - for Australia!
Then to Costco for groceries of the bulk kind.  One day I'll get used to it all.
We got a hot dog and a refillable drink for $1.50 total!
The guy serving L asked where he was from - Australia - 'That explains it,' he said, 'you have manners and style' - so Lachlan has manners and style!!!
Evening and skype calls home - it was sooooo good to speak with you!

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