Saturday, April 2, 2011

E's story

A beautiful thing happened for me on the flight to Colorado Springs. I was feeling so yucky with motion sickness and vomiting due partly to turbulence.  But as soon as the seat belt lights were turned off Tony came and knelt by my seat in the aisle and bathed my face with cool water. I rested my head on him and felt peaceful.  He kept this up for about forty-five minutes, moving occasionally to let people pass through the aisle of the tiny 50 seat plane.  When he needed to return to his seat a few ahead of mine, I suddenly realised that Jesus was with me, loving me, caring for me just so tenderly as Tony had been. And my heart was thrilled with the knowledge of Jesus' love and his gift to me of this wonderful man to be my husband. I couldn't stop smiling and tears ran down my face - but as I was so sick and white the children couldn't help but think I was crying.  They were so loving and compassionate just like their Dad. 

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