Sunday, April 17, 2011

Saturday, April 16th, 2011 Shopping USA

First to the AAA - RACV equivalent - to sign up for roadside assist and get travel advice.  We've got Thurs and Fri off next week - that makes four days to travel a little further afield. So, we're off to South Dakota to Mount Rushmore and DeSmet - that's Laura Ingalls Wilder territory!
Then, back to Barnes and Noble - everybody found at least one treasure they HAVE to have!  I'm glad I joined up for their book club with discounts.
Next, dress shopping for the Ha girls - at least E and BA went to Seares and Penny's - the boys stayed in the car to read their new books.  What fun we had!!  All the pretty long dresses were on sale so we bought everyone we liked in a variety of sizes for Zoe, plus special matching dresses for Zoe, Faith and Charity - no photos so we can see their faces when they unwrap them come September!  We can't wait.
Leong had asked us to look out for these and it was such fun!  If you have a special request from the land of Aus, let us know.....

Finally to Costco for a hot dog and drink and......Camping gear!  They had some great brands on super specials so we came out with our CART (not trolley) loaded with apples, oranges etc plus a ten man tent, self inflating airbeds, an LED lantern and 7 sleeping bags - all on  the grocery budget!

Under $500!!

Did we mention that everything here comes in BIG packages?

We were all excited about these packets of muffins for $6.36 total.  They were yummy, too!

We're also collecting plaques about our No. 1 Dad.

The bubble says 'sensible portions'! But the packet is as large as my torso!

We will not be camping this week though as it is still snowy in South Dakota....


  1. Sounds like you guys are having a ball. God be with you :)

  2. sounds like ur all having tonnes of fun.
    i like the no. 1 dad t-shirt