Sunday, April 10, 2011

Monday, April 4th, 2011 First day of training! A dream come true!

Garion, ElizaBeth and Tony started the first week of intensive training today with Caring for the Heart Ministries.  Lachlan, Hamish, Bryce and Briony-Anne started their school here in the Ranger's Station. 
Here's Garion chatting with Cindy at reception and John in the background.
Our conference room.  Note the tissue box on every table! Very necessary - even for the guys...
The lollies were very helpful, too!!

Cameron on the far left, ElizaBeth and Garion bottom right.

The training was excellent and very 'intense' as promised!  We met lots of lovely people from all over the USA and Canada and spent more time with Eric and Susanna over lunch.  Garion made good friends with Cameron, 22, from Waskaganish, Canada and Susan, 20, from Saskatchewan, Canada.  
John Regier explained the Biblical basis for dealing with emotional damage in his counselling which was one of the biggest questions we had.  Cindy, John's secretary, presented us with a little gift wrapped in green paper with gold ribbon!  It was tea that smells and tastes like home!!  We hadn't been able to find any 'normal' tea, so this was great - and so thoughtful.  Thanks, Cindy.

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