Sunday, April 3, 2011

Monday, March 21st in Colorado Springs

We had booked two rooms here at the Candlewood Suites for the first five days on the advice of David and Sharon Smith, who came to Colorado Springs to do the internship with John Regier two years ago.  It was great!  The boys had a room with two queen sized beds and T, E and B-A had another - so Briony-Anne got a queen sized bed all to herself!  Each room has a fully equipped kitchen, wi-fi, etc.

Hamish and Bryce couldn't wait to get outside and explore - and this is what they saw - Pikes Peak. 

Searching Craigslist for a car!

 A lazy, lounging day!  We got out of bed at 1pm! ElizaBeth took the boys drinks and sang a good morning song for them - but they only groaned! 
Three hours later we had eaten, drank lots of water chatted, phoned about cars off Craig's list, contacted home, had Bible time and laughed a lot!

The high altitude here, over 6,000 feet,and the climate mean that it is very dry and dehydration is a real danger unless you consciously drink lots of water.  There is also the possibility of altitude sickness with flu-like symptoms.  We're feeling fine so far!

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