Sunday, April 17, 2011

First week of internship!

Our first week as CFTH (Caring for the Heart) interns!  Wow - we have a lot to learn.  And we are sure we are in the right place to do so.  Thank you John for the opportunity.
The interns room with Henry and Helena from Mexico, Eric and Susannah from Maine, Ed and ElizaBeth.

Tony pretending to be hard at work while the rest of us relax!

Erice and Susannah with John Regier in the background.

We are attempting to write up our notes each day so we can go home and just spend time with the children.

Thursday morning the mountains looked so beautiful with a new dusting of snow.

Henry and Helena came for the morning and lunch on Thursday.  We had a lovely time of fellowship and learned HEAPS about Mexico and the Menonite history and culture.
It was  great to be with you both.  God bless you.

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