Wednesday, April 27, 2011

North Through Nebraska

Nebraska has a lot of these sand hills It is not the greatest shot , but on some of them you can see the sand where all the grass is gone and erosion is taking  place.  

Feeling we could see more of the  land if we stayed off the interstate, we disobeyed  the GPS and  went  mud bashing.  It was great fun and we did not have to back track a whole lot.  We were glad we had four wheel drive!  There was a lot of ice, snow and wind outside, but the car stays nice and warm.

While off the high way, we went through many small towns. This is Mills  where Mrs. Regier grew up on a near by farm.  The funny thing is that no matter how tiny or colossal any town is they always give the population in very precise numbers; such as 12 and 17,563.  The first example is factual.

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