Sunday, April 3, 2011

Garden of the Gods

 Beautiful treed gardens around incredible rock formations with meandering paths.

Pikes Peak in the distance. 
Tony is anticipating the day when the boys will all be taller than him!

The Kissing Camels.

We were feeling a little tired and 'fluey', but really enjoyed this beautiful place.  We're planning to come back often and explore the whole garden.  Briony-Anne is very excited - she found a brochure about horse riding through the Garden of the Gods!


  1. This place looks amazing! I'm with Briony-Anne, horse trekking through there would be spectacular!

  2. im with mum and B-A.
    horse riding through there would be kool as!
    i really like some of those jackets u guys are wearing.
    where did u get them?