Sunday, April 10, 2011

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

School and the course today, all went well.  The children slept in today, then got up and prepared lunch for us all.  Tony and ElizaBeth drove home at lunch time and bought everybody back to the office where they did their school for the afternoon in the lunch room.  Everybody was very pleased to meet them and listen to their accent!!

In the evening we went to Sally Koster's for dinner with the Halls and Duponts.  We had a lovely time.  'It was really, really, really good' Lachlan.  Sally gave us a wonderful invitation to stay with her as her guests for the rest of our time in America!  We were very overwhelmed by her generosity and love.  She sent us home to think and pray about it - and we will!

Susanna and Malena taught the children a folk dance and we all enjoyed lively conversation on many topics.

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