Saturday, June 25, 2011

Pikes Peak Race

On Friday, Garion, Lachlan, Hamish and Bryce got up at 2:30 am to go with Mr. McGuffy, Caleb and Kendell to see the final practice for the 2011 pikes peak hill climb.  It was amazing!  We were standing 2 metres from where the race cars were drifting round a hair pin turn! No guard rails.  To get an idea of how fast these guys go around turns and along the edges of cliffs, watch the youtube clip below.

This is a video of Monster, the hill climb record holder.

More Horse Riding!

Krin took Hamish, Bryce and Briony-Anne horse riding again while Mum, Dad, Garion and Lachlan were at the super conference on the family.  They had a ball.  Unfortunately, they forgot to take the camera but Krin to pictures for them.  Thank you so much Krin.

We really are going to need to get horses when we go home!

An American Mega Home-School Conference

Wow, we've heard about them but now we've been to one.  Literally hundreds of vendors, about twenty different speakers and up to a thousand attendees.

 It was held in a huge convention center.  The first day, Mum, Dad, Garion and Lachlan went with Mr. and Mrs. McGuffy.
Next day the four of us went on our own.  Next day the whole family came plus Mr. and Mrs. McGuffy, Kelsey and Kolin.
 Everyday there were musical items.  There were some really beautiful ones.  Unfortunately, we only got a picture of this one.

 Doug Phillips spoke in several of the keynote sessions.  He and his three oldest children had just returned (I mean just) from a tour in Europe.
Lachlan and Garion were able to meet Doug's son Joshua.  He seemed to be a very nice young man.

An evening with Katie - Bible, Baseball and Politics

Our friend Katy Benjamin, from church, came over the other night for dinner.  
 We had a lot of fun!
 We discussed topics ranging from baseball to the American Revolution.
 From music and where to go on our next trip to good and bad presidents (especially the current one).
She is going to take us to a baseball game in August.  I'm really looking forward to it.  Katy is a 'mad-keen' Yankies fan.  Hopefully this other guy who is a Rockies fan will be there.  We'll have some 'exciting' 'discussions'.
Thanks Katie

Shooting with the McGuffy Boys!

Tuesday, 14 of June we went shooting with the McGuffy boys! As none of us boys had ever so much as fired a real gun before, we were a bit nervous.

But we had tremendous fun!
 We were shooting with that rifle with the scope, a small shot gun, a large shotgun, a .22, a revolver and a tiny little hand gun.
 Dad's first shot with the revolver...
 He did really well.  Dead center!
 Hamish using the .22
 Dad having a go of the rifle.  (He was the only Pearse to try it.)
 Caleb shooting the smaller shot gun.
Garion having a go of it too.
Mr. McGuffy has a concealed weapons permit and typically carries this tiny gun strapped to his ankle!  Its very difficult to aim and it kicks unbelievably hard!
Mr. McGuffy showing us how its done. (He keeps this revolver in the center console of the car.
Our targets!  It was great fun to blast these to pieces with the shotguns.  One good hit with the larger shotgun would rip one to shreds.
 Lachlan with the .22
 A group shot!
Bryce having a go of the little handgun. 
You don't want to mess with us!

Thanks so much Guys!  We had a blast :-)

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Horse riding!! Hooray!!

What a wonderful day!

Krin Valentine, property manager of this house, has become a special friend and invited the children to come horseback riding with her!  This is her beautiful 'Glory'.
Krin taught the children so much about caring for a horse, grooming, tack as well as riding.
Thank you, dear Krin.
(We forgot to take any photos of Briony-Anne riding - next time...but she loved it!)

Hamish and Glory.

Baby Piper and Parker in the background.

Lachlan and Baywatch - Krin's friend, Toni joined us and shared her horse, skills and knowledge with us.
Thank you Toni and Jim.

Bryce and Glory.

Lachlan and Baywatch and Toni.

Toni and Baywatch and Toni!

Bryce and Glory.

Roller Skating with the McGuffys!

 We rounded out Garion's birthday with a roller skating adventure with the McGuffys!

Lachlan and Tony giving Karston a hand.

Kelsey and her wonderful Daddy, James.

Hamish - hot and sweaty after a couple of hours of typical energetic participation. 

Bryce followed by Tony, Karston and Lachlan.

Carleen, Kollin and James watch Briony-Anne gliding in.

The birthday boy! He skated with a strained ankle - and had a ball!

Kaleb racing out of focus!

Kendall's style improved with every circuit completed!

Briony-Anne and her wonderful Daddy!

James and Kaleb.


Kollin, Garion, Bryce, Lachlan.

James and Carleen - thanks for a very happy day, guys.
And for being our friends, God bless you.