Saturday, April 2, 2011

Still the 20 March, 2011 San Francisco to Colorado Springs

We had a number of hours to wait in San Francisco which turned out to be a great blessing as we took everything slowly - very slowly!
Tony had fun experimenting with purchasing in US currency and working out the coinage, while Garion checked out every phone shop, advertisement and user!
Our flight from San Francisco to Colorado Springs was on a very small plane; only 48 seats. That didn't stop ElizaBeth's motion sickness, though.
Briony-Anne had hoped we would walk out on the tarmac - and we did!
When we arrived in Colorado Springs, the airport was winding down for the night and was very quiet and empty.
 San Francisco

We were all a little tired, fatigued, worn out, exhausted, by the time we reached Colorado Springs - can you tell?

Tony has been our mainstay, our champion.  He has kept on going and doing all the hard stuff every step of the way.  Here, organising our rental car just prior to setting out on the WRONG side of the road at 9pm in the dark, on unknown roads, after 30+ hours of travelling.  What a guy!
(And we made it to the hotel without a hiccup.)

Our rental car - a 2010 Chrysler Town and Country - luxury!

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