Saturday, April 2, 2011

March 20, 2011 We're going to America

Well, we're finally off!
It does seem strange for our family to be heading to the USA - other people do these kinds of things, not us.  Usually!
We've been praying and talking for years about completing an internship with Caring for the Heart Ministries.  John Regier has developed a Biblical counselling method which has been a blessing to us and to many friends that we have shared it with - as well as the many people John has counselled over the years.  Now we are sure that this is what God has planned for us, so we're on our way!

 Of course, we're all new to travelling, so once we went through the gate to international departures in Melbourne we were in freefall!
Customs and all that security stuff was intimidating, but, thanks to Uncle Dunc's step by step instructions, we had no problems.  Thanks, D.

By the time we arrived in San Francisco, about 20 hours later, several Pearses had been sick, several more had sore ears and all were sleep deprived - but NOT grouchy!
We were last off the plane and took a long time to walk to immigration which turned out to be a blessing as we then did not have to stand in the long queues we had heard about!  Also, we had a slight hiccup with our VISAs requiring a visit to the immigration office - uh oh.  But that was all ok and just added a little opportunity to sit and rest before reaching security. It also meant that the staff had collected all our baggage and had it all piled up for us when we reached the carousel.  The blessings of motion sickness!

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