Saturday, April 9, 2011

God has provided - again!

Saturday, April 2nd, we met Krin Valentine, property manager for Kathy Queen's Colorado Springs home and 'inspected' this possible future home.  We LOVE it!  And Kathy is happy for us to have it for the last four months of our stay!  So no more house hunting, or other organisation stuff!  We can just relax and enjoy! The home is in a group of townhouses with a central clubhouse with a heated swimming pool, tennis courts and other recreational facilities. And it is close to the Caring for the Heart office! 
We were blessed to meet Krin, too - another new friend!  She was so interested in all our plans and our interests especially our plans to go to Chincoteague and Pony Penning day - and she has even met Misty!! Long ago when Misty was an old lady, she gave Krin her 'autograph' (hoof print!).  Krin, we are so thankful to God for bringing you into our lives.
We are very grateful to our heavenly Father.

Now to prepare for the week of training ahead. We are very excited that Garion will be joining us for this first week.

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  1. thats good u found a house
    house hunting can be annoying as well as exciting, trust me i know