Sunday, May 1, 2011

Wyoming, big sky country

We wanted to get postcards for all of you lovely people in Newcastle, NSW ......but they didn't have any!!  But we love you and miss you Granny, Aunty Colleen, Uncle Carl, etc, Uncle Paul, Aunty Karen!!!  We'll call you sometime!
(By the by, E's special friend here is Carleen - combination of two special people!)

 The wild, wild plains of home - at least it felt like home!

 Beautiful sky country.
 And some variety - we loved traveling and seeing the country side.
 We didn't see many buffalo, but we were pretty excited anyway.
 There are thousands of these deer everywhere!

Can you tell we were having fun?
This is the largest surface coal mine in Northern America - we thought they were trying to duplicate the grand canyon!

We were heading home when we saw signs to Fort Larimie that we have read about so often.   Another night in another hotel, another town/city, Cheyenne for the night and back to Fort blogpost

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