Wednesday, May 18, 2011

May 11 Sequoia National Park

Are you getting the idea that this trip was not planned down to the last detail?  With the encouragement of all our new friends and urging from Grammie, we added Sequoia National Park to the itinerary. SO glad we did.
This one's for you, Mama.  We thought you'd enjoy these enormous yuccas. 
The incredible and dangerous Kaweah River.
We stopped for ice-creams at Three Rivers, the junction of the 3 forks of the Kaweah, as advised by Byron and Kelly Fox.  Mmmmm delicious.  Thank you Ha's!!!

We took a short walk down to the rocky edge of the river - cautiously!!

It was wonderful to hear the rushing water, to see it playing and dancing over the rocks and to breathe the delicious air.

We found many pieces of driftwood washed perfectly smooth by the water.

The road through the park had also been hit by a landslide!  Fortunately one lane was still open and after a two hour wait, we were able to commence our drive to the Giant Forest to see the LARGEST tree in the world.

Lachlan on top of hospital rock.

A little rock climbing helps pass the time.

We snapped these shots from the car as we ascended.  You can see the scenery was awesome.

Our first sight of the giant trees.  

And we even spotted bears along the way!

We stopped to take photos - from a safe distance!

Everybody had been hoping we would see bears in the wild, and we did!
Is there any limit to God's gifts to us?

Mama bear.

Baby bear.

And at the site of the Sherman Tree - the LARGEST - we walked through this fallen redwood - in a stream of water  created by the melting snow!  We all got our feet drenched and it was so funny!  Everything is so funny these days!

The kids all loved taking photos of us at every spot.

And here it is - The LARGEST tree in the world.

We are feeling fairly insignificant and very much in awe of our creator God.

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