Wednesday, May 18, 2011

May 12 Yosemite National Park

We camped at South Yosemite KOA.  Arriving after dark, we checked ourselves in and found a campsite - but the amenities were a little more difficult to locate!  The boys loved roaming around in the dark, but putting up the tent in the dark wasn't quite so appealing.  Next morning, a quick pack up and off to Yosemite!

We were trying to take a photo of Pearses7 by remote - and discovered we have video capability!
Briony-Anne, Hamish and Bryce picked these lovely wild flowers for me at the campground (while T and E were still sleeping).
At the entrance to Yosemite there is a pioneer village with a covered bridge!  We'd never seen one before - exciting!  Everything is exciting!

Exploring the pioneer village.

Now Grammie Joy had prepared us to be ready for the view as soon as we exited this tunnel - and we were!  Thanks, Grammie.

I think maybe this is the most beautiful place on earth.  Sorry our photos don't give you any idea of it.  We were all speechless.

Bridal Veil falls from the car park.  We were warned to take rain coats to the base of the falls.

We didn't.  And we were absolutely drenched by the spray!  Our feet were soaked through for the second day running with snow water - and we laughed and laughed.
We can't believe this is all happening to us - can you?

Our picnic lunch in paradise.

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