Tuesday, May 17, 2011

May 8 The Happiest Mother's Day

Kristin, when you told us you are going to Disneyland soon, you put ideas into our heads!
So we checked in our AAA travel book, decided it would be a shame to drive within 50 miles of Disneyland and not go there........so, we stayed in Anaheim at a KOA 1/4 mile from Disneyland, watched the fireworks at 11pm from our tent and by 10am were at the gates!

A reformed toon fan in Toontown.  Or maybe not so reformed!  I think Tony had the most fun of us all.

Roger Rabbit - we once went to a fancy dress party as Roger and Jessica Rabbit!  Hmmmm...

The decorations in here reminded us of 'The Journeyman'.  

'The happiest place on earth' becomes even more magical as the lights come on at dusk.

Just as we were leaving, we realised we had missed the Hundred Acre Wood - so back we went!!

We stayed until about 11pm.  What a day!  But you know, nobody thinks it was the best day of the trip....
I think special people make the most special days.

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