Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Polyface Farm Field Day, 2011, Swoope, Virginia

There are a lot of photos here, but I know so many of you are as interested as we are! 
Pastured poultry

Daniel Salatin on the right, finishing morning chores and preparation when we arrived at 6:20am!

I don't think Joel stopped talking all day!  And it was sure worth hearing.

Brooding house

Hoop houses that house animals in winter, growing vegetables in summer.

Whole farm tour - about a thousand people followed Joel on each of the 9am and 3pm tours!

Pastured rabbits, also used in the vegetable garden!  Can you believe it?

Pastured beef on salad bar with portable loafing house.

The pigs are in here somewhere!

And Garion's favourite - lunch!  Getting ready to feed 2,000 people on BBQ chicken, beef, pork with cucmbers, nectarines and chocolate cake.  And there was plenty of it, too!  Delicious.

Final session of the day, Q & A with Joel.  Perhaps our favourite session.

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