Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Fourth of July!

The Fourth of July.......hmmm....it was bigger and wilder than Australia Day, but not as big as we expected.
There was so much red-white and blue food! But, once we scraped off the food dye, this choc-chip cookie was quite nice.
We bought firecrackers in a tiny town in Missouri on the 3rd from  Ryan (above, centre).  But we missed lettin g them off on the fourth because we couldn't find a campground that allowed it!  On the 2nd we had enjoyed other people's fireworks at a State Park at Elk Lake, Missouri. Oh by the by, we found a lot of fossils at Elk Lake!
Lots of fireworks for sale everywhere, but very few towns with parades - we drove out of our way to go to Marshfield, Missouri where there was a two hour parade and that was pretty good.  Our friend Katie told us she dresses as a walking American flag, so we expected similar enthusiasm from others, but we were disappointed!  Sorry we missed seeing you, Katie!  

Large marquis like this one selling fireworks were set up in every town we passed through and we travelled many hours!

Lachlan took these photos as we sped by, so they are not great quality.

We arrived a bit late to the parade but there was still heaps to see!
(Notice the USA shirts :)
We thought Uncle Geoff and Uncle Laurie would be interested in the old Machinery.  We only show two here but there must have been 50 old tractors at least.
There was heaps of alternative travel options from the old...
... to the really new!
Honestly, none of us have ever seen so many horses in one place in our lives before.  There really were hundreds!

There were some really nice old carts and carriages.
It was a really great day :-)

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