Thursday, July 14, 2011

GPS dramas

A GPS can be a dangerous thing, as we discovered yesterday!
ElizaBeth typed in Niagara Falls and then went to sleep.
Tony drove on, staying on the correct side of the road and negotiating increasing traffic and confusing roads.
Next thing we knew we were stopped at the Canadian border control.
We had fireworks on board - that's a no no.
One of us had chosen this day as the only day so far NOT to wear passport belt and didn't know where it was packed.
So a very nice lady (with bullet proof vest, guns etc) escorted us from our car so it could be searched.
"Here's the deal," she said, coming toward us with our fireworks and 2 foot long sparklers in her hand, "I take these and give you a receipt for them.  But you don't get them back.  Or I can escort you back to the US."
Hmmmm, we elected to lose the fireworks - since we were so close to getting a Canadian stamp on our passports, you know! And they say the Canadian view of Niagara is the best....
Anyway, she decided, "You're not in trouble because you declared them.  You're good."

So guys, we went to Canada!
You know, we've never seen a border crossing before - being from the island continent and all.  It was fun and exciting and definitely a growing experience!

Next stop, Niagara Falls!!

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  1. Wow! Glad we don't have a GPS...old-fashioned maps are best. :D What an (hmm) intersting experience!