Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Creation Museum!

Amazing, world class collection of fossils.

This is definitely one place you have to come to if you're in the states.

I couldn't believe that they'd actually let you touch that!  I'd heard they are really delicate.
Competition to look as old as the stalactites.

Hooray, we feel at home hear.  Bryce was able to tell us what type of wallaby they were.
These models were part of a history walk.  

Marmee and Garion
This dinosaur was really alive.  Well, electrically.
Marmee and Hamish

Garion with the replica Ark.

Lachlan helping Shem store provisions.

Look out Lach!!!
That one's safe, I think.

There were beautiful gardens which we walked in.  Garion isn't in any of these pics because he was watching 'Men in White' in the special effects theater a second time.

There's a real one!
What a GREAT day that was.  We had a blast.  Thank you AiG for this wonderful, world class attraction.

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  1. This is certainly a must for anyone going to the US!!! It sounds so fun, educational, and inspiring -- especially as a Creation museum.

    Those fossils were amazingly preserved! Wow!

    Thanks for posting all those pictures! (Plus all the other posts of course! :-)

    BTW, how big was it?