Saturday, June 25, 2011

Shooting with the McGuffy Boys!

Tuesday, 14 of June we went shooting with the McGuffy boys! As none of us boys had ever so much as fired a real gun before, we were a bit nervous.

But we had tremendous fun!
 We were shooting with that rifle with the scope, a small shot gun, a large shotgun, a .22, a revolver and a tiny little hand gun.
 Dad's first shot with the revolver...
 He did really well.  Dead center!
 Hamish using the .22
 Dad having a go of the rifle.  (He was the only Pearse to try it.)
 Caleb shooting the smaller shot gun.
Garion having a go of it too.
Mr. McGuffy has a concealed weapons permit and typically carries this tiny gun strapped to his ankle!  Its very difficult to aim and it kicks unbelievably hard!
Mr. McGuffy showing us how its done. (He keeps this revolver in the center console of the car.
Our targets!  It was great fun to blast these to pieces with the shotguns.  One good hit with the larger shotgun would rip one to shreds.
 Lachlan with the .22
 A group shot!
Bryce having a go of the little handgun. 
You don't want to mess with us!

Thanks so much Guys!  We had a blast :-)

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