Saturday, June 4, 2011

Horse riding!! Hooray!!

What a wonderful day!

Krin Valentine, property manager of this house, has become a special friend and invited the children to come horseback riding with her!  This is her beautiful 'Glory'.
Krin taught the children so much about caring for a horse, grooming, tack as well as riding.
Thank you, dear Krin.
(We forgot to take any photos of Briony-Anne riding - next time...but she loved it!)

Hamish and Glory.

Baby Piper and Parker in the background.

Lachlan and Baywatch - Krin's friend, Toni joined us and shared her horse, skills and knowledge with us.
Thank you Toni and Jim.

Bryce and Glory.

Lachlan and Baywatch and Toni.

Toni and Baywatch and Toni!

Bryce and Glory.

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  1. G'day Aussie family - Love, love, love all the new photos. You will have so many new hobbies when you go home (sad face here). Keep posting photos, we love them!