Saturday, June 4, 2011

Roller Skating with the McGuffys!

 We rounded out Garion's birthday with a roller skating adventure with the McGuffys!

Lachlan and Tony giving Karston a hand.

Kelsey and her wonderful Daddy, James.

Hamish - hot and sweaty after a couple of hours of typical energetic participation. 

Bryce followed by Tony, Karston and Lachlan.

Carleen, Kollin and James watch Briony-Anne gliding in.

The birthday boy! He skated with a strained ankle - and had a ball!

Kaleb racing out of focus!

Kendall's style improved with every circuit completed!

Briony-Anne and her wonderful Daddy!

James and Kaleb.


Kollin, Garion, Bryce, Lachlan.

James and Carleen - thanks for a very happy day, guys.
And for being our friends, God bless you.

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