Saturday, June 25, 2011

An American Mega Home-School Conference

Wow, we've heard about them but now we've been to one.  Literally hundreds of vendors, about twenty different speakers and up to a thousand attendees.

 It was held in a huge convention center.  The first day, Mum, Dad, Garion and Lachlan went with Mr. and Mrs. McGuffy.
Next day the four of us went on our own.  Next day the whole family came plus Mr. and Mrs. McGuffy, Kelsey and Kolin.
 Everyday there were musical items.  There were some really beautiful ones.  Unfortunately, we only got a picture of this one.

 Doug Phillips spoke in several of the keynote sessions.  He and his three oldest children had just returned (I mean just) from a tour in Europe.
Lachlan and Garion were able to meet Doug's son Joshua.  He seemed to be a very nice young man.

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