Monday, August 15, 2011

Washington DC

We again chose to take a bus from the KOA.  But this one just took us to the Capitol where we joined a 
hop on-hop off bus tour to all of the monuments and museums on the mall.
On the steps of the Capitol.
(pinch me!)

Washington monument in the background.
Here and below, Union Station.

The Freedom Bell.

Changing of the Guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.
Theatre at the Tomb of the Unknown.  We were surprised at the strength of Greek influence in all the monuments' architecture.

The Korean Memorial.  All involved countries are named, but we were interested in this one!

More of the Korean Memorial.....

On the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.
Yes, we remembered you, Jerry and Linda!
(Jerry proposed here....:) )

The Smithsonian Institute's information centre.
There is so much to see, we didn't know where to start!

In the gardens behind the Smithsonian Information centre; Lachlan.....


even the squirrels had trouble staying cool in the heat wave Washington was experiencing.

Mama Farm, more flowers for you.  What is it?

The Grant Monument.
Air and Space Museum - A later model Wright Flyer.

Apollo 11 command module - this one is for you, Gav.  And stay tuned, there's more.  Boy, wouldn't we have had fun if you were here to explain it all to us!?

3D at the IMAX.
Unfortunately, Garion can't see in 3D......
so he made his own fun! (below)

Wright brothers, of course!

And the one that made history - original, with some replacement  of fabrics!

Even if it wasn't incredibly hot outside, we could have stayed all day...

The Freer museum of Asian art.

The Peacock Room.

And Japanese screens for Aunty Nat.  Miss you.

National Art Gallery.
We still can't believe we could get so close to these paintings!

Mama B, now who is this, hmmmm??

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