Friday, August 12, 2011

Dreams really do come true.....

Every dream we ever dreamed, as well as some we knew were too fanciful to dream about, has come true.

As we left Malone, NY, and I (E) was looking at the map and charting a course, Tony said, "You'd really like to go to Prince Edward Island, wouldn't you?"

So we did.

We arrived just on sunset and you can see how beautiful it was.

On nearly every hill there's a little white church looking so picturesque.

At Cavendish, there is an Anne of Green Gables Village where Anne arrives at 10:00am every morning!
Scenes from the story are enacted on an outdoor stage and we get to become part of the story!

Briony-Anne met Anne as she waited on the platform for Mr Matthew Cuthbert to come for her.
Meanwhile, Mr Cuthbert was asking all visitors if they had seen an orphan boy he had come for......

We attended school with Gilbert Blythe, Josie Pye and Diana Barry.
Gilbert sat in front of Briony-Anne and gave her the correct answers, like the correct year - 1907.

The school master rode this interesting bike - and gave the boys a turn (not the usual policy, apparently!)

Briony-Anne really enjoyed Diana's sweet nature.

Gilbert taught the boys this old-time game - but I forgot the name!

Kindred spirits?

Kindred spirits!

There was a room full of dress-ups we could use, with this wagon and other scenes! We all had a ball.

Once we use photoshop to lengthen Tony's pants, this will be a great portrait!

Our very own Anne-girl.

In the barn.  These horses were enormous!

I'm not sure where he thinks he is going without snow (or the horse power)....

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  1. So this is what you were talking about -- being dressed up!

    You all look, hmm -- dressed up. =)